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The beta has been updated. A lot of changes You can see there (in parenthesies there is written (2.1c) - to show You what was changed in the latest beta. The latest changes in 2.1c are:
+Added the special menu for CSDM settings (as FFA, Spawn protection, Item mode etc...)

+Added the support for limit weapons/per map - for example if You want to have only 2 awp's on some map write the line in the section [item_restrictions]:
awp 2
+If You used some limited weapon before get killed, the Equip Menu doesn't let You use items 2 ("Previous selection") nor 3 ("2 + don't ask me again") - it would be unfair if You could use some limited gun every respawn - other players want to use them too...

+Moved FFA enabling and Radar Disabling to CSDM Settings Menu

+Added ticketing for players against the standard ticketing for teams. To enable ticketing for players go to the csdm.cfg and find the line in [ticketing] section:
ticketing_player = 0
and change the default value (0 - team ticketing) to 1 (player ticketing)

+Merged spawn editor with spawn preset into one plugin (by BAILOPAN's decision)

+Added the possibility enable/disable item mode from the CSDM Settings Menu

+Fixed bug with disabling spawn protection not working
+Added the possibility to switch on/off the spawn protection from CSDM Settings Menu.

Please update Your beta and give me the feedback if You like the changes and if they work correctly for You.
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