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Originally Posted by crazydog View Post
Adding the ; in fixes that error, but the other two still show up.

Now, I'm no sourcemod developer, but adding
new MaxClients = GetMaxClients();
after the lines
// Late Load?
public OnMapStart()
caused it to compile correctly....I'll test it...

(note: Web Compile will not work because of the missing semicolon)

Also, it's not working in synergy. My config is this:
// This file was auto-generated by SourceMod (v1.0.4)
// ConVars for plugin "afkmgr.smx"

// Admins immune to being kicked? [0 = FALSE, 1 = TRUE]
// -
// Default: "1"
sm_adminsimmune "0"

// Is the AFK manager enabled or disabled? [0 = FALSE, 1 = TRUE]
// -
// Default: "1"
sm_afkenable "1"

// Minimum amount of connected clients needed to kick AFK clients.
// -
// Default: "6"
sm_minplayerskick "0"

// Minimum amount of connected clients needed to move AFK clients to spec.
// -
// Default: "4"
sm_minplayersmove "0"

// Move AFK clients to spec before kicking them? [0 = FALSE, 1 = TRUE]
// -
// Default: "1"
sm_movespec "0"

// Time in seconds before kicking an AFK player.
// -
// Default: "120.0"
sm_timetokick "5.0"

// Time in seconds before moving an AFK player.
// -
// Default: "60.0"
sm_timetomove "5.0"
and it's not kicking me.
Yes the ; was not in there which was an error, I logged a bug report and this should be fixed in the latest trunk? So you can either add the ; manually or yeah download the latest SourceMod trunk build.

I believe MaxPlayers has been modified by pred to make it work, I remember seeing a commit saying the rtv plugin etc have been changed to use this new variable, not sure if it's only in the 1.1 trunk or not.

As for your problem with it not working change sm_minplayersmove to be at least 1, I believe 0 would be disabled.

Ok was just told that the MaxClients variable might be 1.1 only, if there is a need to use with 1.0 SourceMod versions let me know and I'll make some changes.

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