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Music Player - Advanced v3.0


In this plugin, you can listen to music while you are in-game instead of going to Youtube or any other music websites and lagging all day in the server. Plus, in this plugin there's no need to make the players download any file. It's the most powerful music player ever made. There's no limit of how many songs you add to the file. If you like this plugin make sure to rate it


/musichelp - Opens a motd to show all the commands available. [ If ADMIN_CFG, it shows the amx_addsong command ]
/music - Opens the list of the settings and you can play a song from there.
/search song/name - Searches for a specific song instead of scrolling for hours in the menu.
/replay - Replays the last played song.
/copy - Copies the last song played by the last player.
/stop - Stops the music.

Admins: (CFG)
amx_addsong "Song name" "Url/Link" | Attention: Put them with quotes. 
E.g: amx_addsong "Billy Ocean - Suddenly" ""

Admins: (Cvar)
sv_connectmessage 1 - Default is 1 [ 1 = on 0 = off ]
sv_showcommands 0 - Default is 0 [ 1 = Shows the commands in chat 0 = Don't show the commands in chat ]

Put the .amxx in cstrike/addons/amxmodx/plugins
-Then in cstrike/addons/amxmodx/configs/plugins.ini
You will type( Anywhere under 3rd party plugins ):
PHP Code:
Then put the songlist.txt files in cstrike/addons/amxmodx/configs.

After you put the songlist.txt files, make sure that you added the AdvMusicPlayer.html file
in same directory as the songlist.txt file.

Lang File: AdvMusicPlayer.txt you need to put it in cstrike/addons/amxmodx/data/lang


What do you need to know is how to add songs to the plugin or the server. Well it's simple. You can add any song links you like. Some websites don't accept or don't let it play, it's their domains privacy. I recommend you to use Youtube. It's the most popular music website of all time and it's really a good website.
The format is: "Song Name" "Song URL/Link"
For example: "Eminem - Mockingbird" ""

You add that line in the songlist.ini file under the lines. It's 1 song each line.

This is a Music Player which when you want to play some music, it will only be played for the person not the whole server.
Note that you don't need to reload the file anymore to add the song or restart the server or the map. Once you have done
amx_addsong "song" "url/link" the song will automatically be added to the file and to the server.

The multilingual file ' AdvMusicPlayer.txt ' will be uploaded separately as i will update it more often as the people who will help
me translate more and more.

Important 1: If your MOTD is all white or there's nothing at all when you want to play the music well you can fix it by following these steps.

Step 1: Open your cs folder (Steamapps/common/Half-Life)
Step 2: You create a new folder named "cstrike_addon"
Step 3: Close your cs folder and open your Counter-Strike and you're done!

Important 2: If in the center of your MOTD you got 'Missing Plug-in' well you need to follow these steps.

Step 1: Go to the Adobe Flash Player site (
Step 2: Click the download link: 'download flash player'
Step 3: Choose Other operating system or browser?
Step 4: Select your operating system.
Step 5: Then version: flash player 10.1 - other browsers and download it.
Step 6: Install flash player than reboot your pc.
Step 7: Have fun listening to music in-game!

JW Player: If you want to host the player yourself, download the player in the attachments.
However this plugin work just fine without you hosting the player.


Feel free to translate in this thread: Translation Request
Languages already added: [en], [de], [ro], [bg], [sr], [sv] more to come...?


Plugin ChangeLog:
* Released.
* Fixed some spacing.
* Fixed a variable.
* Added amx_addsong.
* Fixed some spacing.
* Re-written all the plugin to make it nice.
* Removed ColorChat Stock.
* Included colorchat.
* Re-written the plugin.
* Made all the changes required.
* Used Arrays.
* Added Multilingual.
* Removed amx_reloadfile.
* Removed all the 'b'.
* Added a connect message.
* Added client_print_color instead of ColorChat.
* Fixed the song limit.
* Fixed some spacing as well.
* Fixed amx_addsong lines.
* Added NOT_FOUND in lang file.
* Added a CVAR to show the commands in chat or not.
* Added /musichelp command.
* Made the player MOTD more sexy.
* Added volume controller.
* Added repeat the song option.
* Added save the settings option.
* Added another menu for the new stuff.
* Made all the MOTDs more sexy.
* Made player MOTD have the same seconds, no bugs.
* Fixed some spacing as well.
* Changed Settings Menu Cases.
* Made ML system 100%.
* Updated the html file.
* Added Stop Song in the menu.
* Added menu returns in case 1 and 2.
* Edited the lang file.
* Added a client print if there's no song to copy.
* Added a client print where it says you copied the song when you use the /copy command.
* Added Bulgarian.
* Fixed some spacing.
* Checked AMXX_VERSION_NUM for client_print_color.
* Changed the handlers; item.
* Removed unused stuff.
* Fixed the choosing song.

-Thank you, Baws.
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