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Originally Posted by jimaway View Post
if(SQL_NumResults(Query) > 0)     {         new pName[32], UnbanTime[32];         for(new i; i < SQL_NumResults(Query); i++)         {             SQL_ReadResult(Query, 1, pName, charsmax(pName))             UnbanTime[i] = SQL_ReadResult(Query, 5);             if(UnbanTime[i] == 0)             {                 SCM(0, GREEN, "%s %s got unbanned.", TAG, pName);             }         }         SQL_ThreadQuery(Handler, "IgnoreHandle", "DELETE FROM `bans` WHERE `UnbanTime` = '0'");     }     return PLUGIN_HANDLED;
It's the same, i have in my database first column ID being PRIMARY_KEY as AUTO_INCREMENT, maybe is from over there ?

I tested without ID without primary_key and auto_incr but still nothing, it's the same problem.
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