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Originally Posted by Snake. View Post
Before adding my translation, please explain what amx_freeze %d stands for. 0 makes the player unfreeze, 1 freezes ? If it is; impossible to make very meaningful translation. Would be better to add one more translation for the value 0 as unfreeze.

- You forgot to space after = on 'BANNED'

- on the 'IS = is', where does it being used exactly ? Because we dont have a exact provision on it but maybe i can add another thing according to what u'll say otherwise empty.

- I changed the colors of some words to avoid the color confusion. Because the array of the words in a sentence may change in other languages
0 = Unfreeze, 1 = Freeze.
I will add 2 new translations for these.

"IS" is used to tell CVARs value.
PHP Code:
console_printid"CVAR ^"%s^" %L ^"%s^""szCvarid"IS"szValue ); 
CVAR "sv_gravity" is "800"
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