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A UserScript that adds a dark theme to AlliedModders forums.


- Stylish!
- Auto-update
- Everything appears dark so it's easier on your eyes

- Add a configuration panel at the top
- Let users choose their accent colors
- (Maybe) Make this into a general easy-to-use theme changer instead of it just being dark

To use it install one of following UserScript Add-Ons for your browser:
- ViolentMonkey
- GreaseMonkey
- TamperMonkey
The script is being developed on FireFox Quantum with ViolentMonkey so it's guaranteed to work with that setup, but should work on others too.

To install it, open the following link and on top click "Raw" button. Your UserScript Add-on should prompt you to install it right away, but if it doesn't, you can just copy the code and install it yourself.

For the best experience, after you install it please check script's settings to turn auto-update on and set @run-at to document-start if it's not already set.

Suggestions are welcome.
If there are elements that don't match the new theme or I forgot to style them, please report them.
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