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Plugin on Github: - Forks & Pull requests are welcome


This is a plugin for showing statistics and missing files of the servers download table that is sent to the players when they connect.

You can use this to determine, how much data is getting sent to each player, on their first connect. and how long they have to wait until they have all the files.
  • missing files
  • file count in specific directory
  • total file size of a specific directory
  • total files count
  • total bzip2 files count (local)
  • total file size
  • the estimated download time for 56, 2mbit, 4mbit and 8mbit connection speed (in minutes)
Note: This plugin can't open bzip2 files that are on a webserver (using sv_downloadurl). It can only calculate bzip2 files that are on the local server.


sm_dts - Alias of above


[SM] Displaying statistics for the download table:
[SM] Warning: File sound/misc/sprayer.wav not found !
[SM] Sounds (118):                    30.854 mb
[SM] Maps (2):                      10.491 mb
[SM] Models (0):                    0.000 mb
[SM] Materials (0):                 0.000 mb
[SM] Others (0):                    0.000 mb
[SM] ------
[SM] Total files: 121 (1 not found): 41.345 mb
[SM] Compressed Files (bzip2): 1
[SM] min. estimated download time: 56k: 100.80min   2mbit: 2.75min   4mbit: 1.37min   16mbit: 0.34min


Date: 13.08.2008
Version: 1.1
  • Added bzip2 support - bzip2 files are now used for calculation instead of uncomprossed file, if exists locally
  • Added compressed files count line
  • Added an alias command sm_dts because the other one seems pretty long
Date: 08.08.2008
Version: 1.0
  • Initial release
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