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Updater 1.2.2
- Added support for downloading updates using the SteamWorks extension.
Updater 1.2.1
- Added support for SourceMod 1.7.
- Minor fixes for http-redirects.
Updater 1.2.0
- Changed from KV to SMC for parsing updater manifests.
--- This fixes plugin versions sometimes being converted to float values.
- Removed 10 second startup delay.
- Fixed plugins without an info enum logging garbage data.
- Fixed SSL URLs being incorrectly prefixed.
- Fixed error handling when failing to create files.
- Fixed error log ordering potentially affecting downloads.
- Improved Socket extension support.
--- Added support for HTTP redirects.
--- Improved HTTP error logging.
--- SSL download attempts will now properly throw an error.
- Improved debug error logs.
Updater 1.1.5
- Fixed multiple HTTP parsing issues with Sockets.
Updater 1.1.4
- Added support for nesting plugins in plugin directory.
Updater 1.1.3
- Added command to check Updater status: sm_updater_status
- Disabled HTTP download caching on all extensions.
- Improved error logging.
- Updated documentation.
Updater 1.1.1
- Auto-fix urls for SteamTools if missing http prefix.
Updater 1.1.0
- Added support for downloading updates using the SteamTools extension.
- Added a command to force all plugins to be checked for updates: sm_updater_check
- Improved logging on unsuccessful updates.
Updater 1.0.2
- Added a log message when a plugin was successfully updated.
- Added a log message when Updater restarts itself after being updated.
Updater 1.0.1
- Prevent parsing of corrupt KV files
- Added more descriptive update logging
- Updated some documentation
- Minor code changes

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