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That was humble of you iceeedr!

Originally Posted by ^SmileY View Post
Hi, i already know that has already posted i guess.
But this plugin have two small features:

- Display only in freezetime and according freezetime value;
- Also values are updated according players buy items.
Why not give players different amounts of money for the same work like in real life?
Also code for both versions with this much interest please.

#if AMXX_VERSION_NUM < 183; public client_disconnect(id) #else public client_disconnected(id) #endif remove_task(id + TASK_SHOWMONEY);

If this was already made where are the credits or were you guessing it was made without bothering to check? Freezetime only. Did the unnamed original always display?

I have this working on AMX Mod X 1.8.2. I see the money subtract as well. This is stable with 1.9.0 also. I tested both versions personally.
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