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Mutant Tanks takes Super Tanks by Machine to the next level by enabling full customization of Mutant Tanks to make gameplay more interesting.


Mutant Tanks makes fighting Tanks great again!


1. Supports all game modes - Provides the option to enable/disable the plugin in all game modes.
2. Custom configurations - Provides support for custom configurations, whether per difficulty, per map, per game mode, per day, or per player count.
3. Fully customizable Mutant Tank types - Provides the ability to fully customize all the Mutant Tanks that come with the config file and user-made Mutant Tanks.
4. Create and save up to 1000 Mutant Tank types - Provides the ability to store up to 1000 Mutant Tank types.
5. Flexible config formatting - Provides 4 different formats for the config file.
6. Config auto-reloader - Provides the feature to auto-reload the config file when users change settings mid-game.
7. Optional abilities - Provides the option to choose which abilities to install.
8. User-friendly API - Provides the ability to allow users to add their own abilities and features through the use of forwards and natives.
9. Target filters - Provides custom target filters for targeting survivors and special infected.
10. Supports multiple languages - Provides support for translations.
11. Chat color tags - Provides chat color tags for translation files.
12. Administration system - Provides an administration system revolved around the usage and effectiveness of each Mutant Tank type.


1. You must have at least SourceMod or higher.


1. I do not provide support for local/listen servers but the plugin and its modules should still work properly on them.
2. I will not help you with installing or troubleshooting problems on your part.
3. If you get errors from SourceMod itself, that is your problem, not mine.

The README on GitHub contains all the information you need to know about Mutant Tanks. If there's something that hasn't been addressed that you're concerned about, feel free to ask on this thread.

Check out the INFORMATION regarding each setting/ability available in this project.

View the CHANGELOG for the project's history.

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