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Another update for a seperate issue.

Is anyone having problems with SteamWorks since the CS:GO update yesterday?
#define STEAMWORKS_AVAILABLE()	(GetFeatureStatus(FeatureType_Native, "SteamWorks_IsLoaded") == FeatureStatus_Available)
Keeps returning false for me but it appears to be loaded and running.

sm exts list
[SM] Displaying 11 extensions:
[01] Automatic Updater ( Updates SourceMod gamedata files
[02] Webternet ( Extension for interacting with URLs
[03] CS Tools ( CS extended functionality
[04] BinTools ( Low-level C/C++ Calling API
[05] SDK Tools ( Source SDK Tools
[06] Top Menus ( Creates sorted nested menus
[07] Client Preferences ( Saves client preference settings
[08] SQLite ( SQLite Driver
[09] SteamWorks Extension (1.2.1): Exposes SteamWorks functions to Developers
[10] SMJansson (2.3.1/3): JSON parser/writer
[11] Regex ( Provides regex natives for plugins - STEAMWORKS_AVAILABLE() is always returning false

Running under Windows 10 and a dedicated server - if that helps.


Upon further testing. If i change the macro to SteamWorks_IsLoaded() - everything passes without a hitch.

Edit 2:

It's fixed now. Just need to upload the changes - can read about it here, for anyone else experiencing the same problem.
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