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Hello. I've had this idea for a while, but it required me to at least learn the basics of SourcePawn, so here it is - my first plugin.

It works the following way:

- Use the "sm_scoutapult" command as you would any SM command (including !scoutapult and such)
- Any Scout with either The Sandman or The Atomizer can initiate the taunt. Where he will be looking will determine the velocity vector.
- Any teammate standing nearby and looking in general direction of the initiating Scout can 'approve' by taunting. He will then be sent flying based on the velocity multipliers provided (or using defaults).

A pitch limiter is also implemented, to prevent 'useless' successfull taunts - where a person just moves a couple hammer units on the ground and stops (though crouching still has some issues with this).


sm_scoutapult_enabled (0/1) - Enables or disables the plugin
sm_scoutapult_fwd - Forward velocity multiplier
sm_scoutapult_right - Right velocity multiplier
sm_scoutapult_up - Up velocity multiplier
sm_scoutapult_wait - Wait time (maximum amount of time a Scout can spend waiting for someone to initialize the taunt)
What I'm currently working on:

- Looking into implementing a CVar that allows Scouts to perform the taunt with any melee equipped
- Calibrating default velocity multipliers
Change log:


StrikerMan780 for fixing a WHOLE bunch of bugs I've missed and/or didn't pay enough attention to!

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
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