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Originally Posted by StayOx View Post
Hello guy, unfortunately it is not possible to use your plugin, because the plugin "[ANY] Basic Donator Interface" does not work if you have any version of the dependency that works please post it here as the original author is inactive.

The plugin is loaded however the command:

! donators - chat
sm_donators - console client

are not recognized
Weird, it works for me. If you are just using BDI and this plugin, you may want to do a brief test.

  1. First, set up Basic Donator Interface on your server and run the plugin. Then upload this plugin to your server and load it up.
  2. Try using "!donators" in chat. Nothing should come up, and you should see yourself saying "!donators".
  3. Now make sure you've added yourself to the "donators.txt" file, by putting in your Steam ID and a level, like so: "STEAM_0:0:00000000;99".
  4. Once you've done that, go ingame and type in "sm_reloaddonators" or do it via RCON "rcon sm_reloaddonators".
  5. After you do that, say "!donators" and the Donator menu should appear with "Change Building Colors" on it.

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