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Originally Posted by strontiumdog View Post
I have a version for TF2, but keep asking myself if it is really necessary as the demoman pretty much does this! It might work in other mods but I haven't tested. If anyone wants it, let me know!
Hey strontiumdog, idk whats wrong, or if it's just broke now, but the tnt is not doing any damage to either team on our dods server. other than that, it's working fine.

Reguarding about the demoman you mention that above.
i see where you say they do the same thing, but 1 thing about the plugin.
You can make it more like the demo detpack in TFC.

So thats my request.
give the demo a detpack (only lays on floor) with a timermenu. (i think 5/15/30 sec's are the default timers)
5 sec's
15 sec's
30 sec's

perhaps give 3 cvars for the admins to allow what the timers should be.

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