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Originally Posted by Exploited View Post

I am using Vittus tempfix for this hero, but theres two bugs/things that can be tweaked with it. I hope this hero is still supported.

1.) You have to wait for the time to run out before you can move after you respawn (ie, when you respawn you are still entangled)
2.) Theres no cvar for how long you should be entangled; the default is way too long in my opinion.

This is a great hero, and its a shame that it is barely used at all.

PHP Code:
public sh_client_death(attackervictim)
stunned[victim] = false

//or just add this to the old already implemented 

public newSpawn(id)
stunned[id] = false

2. Dont know really, looked at the code and I couldnt decide what task to mess with lol.

Edit: Ello Jelle

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