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Old 04-27-2020 , 13:37   E997: NOT ALLOWED SERVER: Docker - Ports from logging on same local tf2server changes
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The log address keeps changing every 1 minute and 30 seconds on our docker system.

I'm pretty sure this is related to the docker and not hlstats or tf2server in of itself, but I'm hoping someone else has had similar issue as I've not been able to find anything else.

This is what the different local IP's and ports looks like

2020-04-27 15:50:42: - E997: NOT ALLOWED SERVER: ����RL 04/27/2020 - 15:50:42: "Heavy Is GPS<2><Blue>" joined team "Red"
2020-04-27 15:49:14: - E997: NOT ALLOWED SERVER: ����RL 04/27/2020 - 15:49:15: "Heavy Is GPS<2><Blue>" triggered "sandvich"
2020-04-27 15:47:44: - E997: NOT ALLOWED SERVER: ����RL 04/27/2020 - 15:47:45: "Heavy Is GPS<2><Blue>" triggered "sandvich"
2020-04-27 15:46:05: - E997: NOT ALLOWED SERVER: ����RL 04/27/2020 - 15:46:05: "Heavy Is GPS<2><Blue>" triggered "sandvich"
Looking at the full logs and taking samples I was able to determine this happens at roughly 1 min and 30 seconds. Which makes it impossible to set to receive logs from one server.

Possible workaround I can think of is either somehow getting it to stop randomly switching ports (no idea why it does this), or route it to itself via public IP somehow, as the TF2 server and daemon is on the same machine.

It runs on linux
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