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GameTech WarMod

This is designed solely for competitive CS:GO & CS:S matches.

If used on CS:S, can be combined with the Stripper:Source ( - To remove clutter such as barrels and junk) and zBlock ( - Blocks dodgy commands) makes CS:S much more competitive

Originally Posted by Twelve-60
When making this mod I thought what really annoys CS players, what annoys me when I'm playing, and try to reduce, and if not remove as many of these annoyances as possible from the game, but also put in the extra handy features.
Requirements (Included in download):Optional
  • Ready System
  • Automatic LO3
  • Automatic SourceTV
  • Automatic swap teams
  • SourceMod menu integration
  • Team money display (CS:S Only)
  • Knife Round support
  • Locked teams
  • Overtime support (Maxrounds/Sudden Death) (CS:S Only)
  • Playout support (CS:S Only)
  • MySQL result upload support
  • Multilingual support
  • Defuse bug fix (CS:S Only)
  • Delays damage in console till end of round (or remove completely) (CS:S Only)
  • Removes "Fire in the Hole" sound (CS:S Only)
  • Removes help hints (CS:S Only)
  • Ragdoll removal (CS:S Only)
  • Enhanced UDP logs
  • Enhanced match logs
  • Forwards for other plugins

Admin Menu:
bind "home" "sm_admin"
Console Variables:
ADMIN commands
/pwd // Set or display the sv_password console variable
Aliases: /pw

/notlive // Cancels half and sets all as unready
Aliases: /nl /cancelhalf /ch

/cancelmatch // Cancels halfand sets all as unready
Aliases: /cm

/readyup // If wm_autoready is 0, this command will be required to start/stop the ready system
Aliases: /ru

/readyon // Turns on or restarts the ReadyUp System
Aliases: /ron

/readyoff // Turns off the ReadyUp System if enabled
Aliases: /roff

/forceallready // Forces all players to become ready
Aliases: /far

/forceallunready // Forces all players to become unready
Aliases: /faur

/forcestart // Starts the match regardless of player and ready count
Aliases: /fs

/forceend // Ends the match regardless of status
Aliases: /fe

/minready <num> // Set or display the wm_min_ready console variable

/maxrounds <num> // Set or display the wm_max_rounds console variable

/swap // Manually swaps all players to the opposite team

/t & /ct // Will set the Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist team names - Note: No longer changes the cvars wm_t and wm_ct

/active // Toggles the CVAR wm_active

/knife // Removes all money + weapons + c4 and executes wm_knifeconfig
Aliases: /ko3

/cancelknife // Cancels the knife round
Aliases: /ck
CLIENT commands:
/ready // Marks you ready if /readyup has been done or wm_autoready is 1
Aliases: /rdy /r

/unready // Marks you not ready if /readyup has been done or wm_autoready is 1
Aliases: /notready /unrdy /notrdy /ur /nr

/scores // Displays score if live
Aliases: /score /s

/info // Display who the ready panel if closed
Aliases: /i

-- needs to be updated--
The above will get put through the general CSS UDP log stream - For those who have no idea what this means, it probably will not effect you at all However if you do know, this makes scorebotting a whole lot easier

Language support: (Please email [email protected] if you would like to translate)
  • English
  • German (Credit: Stingbyte)
  • Russian (Credit: FroL)
  • French (Credit:narutopgm)
  • Hungarian (Credit: PStar)
Documentation (being updated):
[email protected]
#warmod / #gotgames @
[email protected]
Changelog (Deprecated, now on GameTech website):

  • Very minor admin menu fix
  • Added Live on 3 fix (wm_live_override)
  • Removed chat CVAR spam (wm_status, wm_t_status, etc)
  • Added 'Force Start' to the WarMod menu (p.s. /lo3 chat command also works now)
  • Now updated to be compatible with the OB engine
  • Rebranded as GameTech WarMod
  • Added automatic updating
  • Updated statistics (livewire)
  • Added wm_warmup_respawn CVAR (deathmatch-like)
  • Added wm_score_mode - two modes: 'best of' (e.g. league format) and 'first to' (e.g. aim competitions)
  • Added 'lo3' command (alias of forcestart)
  • Removed dependence on the hacks extension
  • Updated to the latest sockets extension
  • Updated SourceMod and MetaMod Source
  • Various other bug fixes and improvements

  • Changed CVAR wm_livewire_username flag from NOTIFY to PROTECTED (this is bad)
  • Changed CVAR wm_livewire_password flag from NOTIFY to PROTECTED (this is also bad)
  • Fixed critical LiveWire message truncation
  • Added LiveWire username/password
  • coming soon
  • Lots of little bugs fixed
  • wm_t and wm_ct now match what is set with /t and /ct commands
  • Added hungarian translation
  • Minor bugs fixed
  • Fixed bug not naming source tv demos with spaces in the team names properly
  • Other misc bug fixes
  • Log files now match sourcetv demos in character case (lowercase)
  • Spec bug fixes
  • wm_stats_method CVAR added
  • Fixed the log renaming
  • Minor bug fixes
  • wm_prefix_logs defaulted to 1
  • Stats - Will update later (never)
  • Added wm_auto_knife cvar, which forces a knife round after readyup, and then another readyup is issued after knife round
  • Fixed a bug where setting wm_t and wm_ct would set both to the same value
  • Added wm_item_logs CVAR
  • Fixed an overtime bug incorrectly scoring if team names were set
  • "Defuse Bug" fix is only used if client already has a defuse kit. Used to prevent the possibility of a player destroying a kit that might be later needed
  • Fixed other very minor bugs
  • 1.2.6 was not correctly uploaded, no changes
  • Fixed bug that would remove all radio commands!
  • Fixed bug with console damage
  • Made the /t and /ct commands reset value to default if no arguments given
  • Fixed bug with console damage
  • Added "Fire in the Hole" sound removal
  • Added console damage delay/removal
  • Added help hint removal
  • Fixed knife round not setting money to $0
  • Added autokick feature
  • Added autovote console variable
  • Corrected errors in server configs
  • Fixed minor bugs
  • Big long list of updates/fixes/etc, will update later (never)
  • Fixed playing out bug, where it would msg every round after reminding to playout
  • The @ command (similar to rcon say) now does NOT send to SourceTV (Useful for telling ingame players the server password without telling spectators)
  • Added extra logging capabilities
  • Team chat now shows up in HLSW (or any other log parsing program)
  • Fixed a bug with /t and /ct changing the incorrect team
  • Fixed a bug (again) where rounds finished before the Live on 3 would be counted
  • Added map name to demo names
  • Added 'score' console command
  • Added some general checks to minimize problems
  • Added wm_half_autoready
  • Added wm_knifeconfig
  • Add support for knife rounds
  • SourceTV does not see text from Spectators using say_team
  • Fixed bug if scores were tied and wm_overtime was 0
  • Fixed minor wm_playout bug
  • Added say_team support for client commands
  • Fixed a bug where rounds finished before the Live on 3 would be counted
  • Fixed tied full time without overtime enabled
  • Fixed bug where demos would be recorded per half instead of per match
  • wm_version displayed as gg_version
- Twelve-60
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