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Originally Posted by lyric View Post
Isn't this whole system redundant though? I mean everyone that has been caught by SMAC on our servers usually get VAC banned a few days/weeks/months later so I don't really see a need for something like this. i know theres alot of hackers in tf2 especially but not so many that they arrive in boatloads

i know you guys have a very tight nit group of trusted people but like i said early that tends to fall apart sooner or later. this is why we dont use sourcerep bans from anyone but our very own because everything is taintable especially in gaming

But VAC is not perfect.
There are too many cheats does not dedected from VAC.

We are no less trusted than other Banlists.

Originally, the list was meant only for us.
Now we decided to share it.

No one is forced to install our plugin.
But it helps against cheater!

Sorry for my very bad english
Greetings HSFighter

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