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Originally Posted by minimoney1 View Post
The plugin gives me the error of it being not able to resolve my host name but I can perfectly connect to it through Filezilla.
You've started filezilla on your gameserver (via rdp to windows?) and tried connecting to your ftp and that worked fine? Then we have a problem... Or did you use FileZilla on your desktop machine?
I'm assuming the latter and the next assumption is that your gameserver is rented from some random game server hosting company - they don't allow shell access probably. Might it be possible that they don't allow outgoing connections other than the ones made by the gameserver on its own either? Then it's not this plugins problem

If i'm completely on the wrong path here, please correct me with some more details. I'm specifically curious on this: What error does it give when you try it with the IP directly? It probably won't be "can't resolve host" ?
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