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OK, lets try this again, but without the blatant error in the vote retry timer.

Speaking of UMC and SM 1.7, I've made a few fixes to it to make it compile on SourceMod 1.7. The main differences are that it uses SM 1.6's new calls for getting Functions and then stores them in a private Forward instead of storing them directly.

The source code is also stored in my copy of the UMC Github in the master branch. The only difference between that and the source code for the version in this thread is that I've disabled debugging messages in the attached version.

If you haven't used my last 3.4.6 version, do note that in CS:GO, any sounds you set should be MP3 files as this uses EmitSoundAny internally.

It appears to work correctly using both the standard UMC "core" vote system and the umc-nativevotes "core" vote system but could use some more thorough testing.
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