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Originally Posted by Cd5ssmffan View Post
@ZEDD you shouldnt have deleted your post, it could have helped someone else lol. Still no matter what I do SQL is not working for me (even after i fixed the issue with my web server) so I'm just going to see if I can get my web server to read /data/advanced_bans.txt
Do you think this is a good idea? Would any security issues appear?

That post was basically nothing but the most excruciatingly inflated tutorial for changing new query[512] to query[1024], you can try exactly that in the threaded version as well. And make sure ya keep looking at the errors.

Sometimes, many hosts have max_connections_per_hour limits on how much data is circulated around the network and that might even be causing it and I know it because I had that exact same problem and when I inquired about it, they asked for upgrading my subscription for 'additional' $29.99 a month and that's when I knew was the right time to switch datacenters. Now we run pretty much everything on standalone servers, but just so ya know, I had enough trouble with setting this plugin up with SQL, but once it worked on a specific setting, it slides at butter-pace.

PS, for getting the web-server to read your txt doesn't sound right. What is your intention, are you trynna host a Banlist for your servers on your website?
  • Are you sure that you have your GameServer's IP Addreess whitelisted in your remote SQL?
  • Verify that you're running AMX Mod X version 1.8.1 or higher?
  • Is advanced_bans_sql.amxx at the top of your plugins.ini?
  • Did you check the output of amx_modules if MySQL is running?
  • If it's running, did you verify that you've entered the correct database login in your /configs/sql.cfg?
  • Does the plugin even create the table "advanced_bans" in your database?
If not, whitelist your own public IP address onto your MySQL server and try connecting using MySQL Workbench just for "testing" your connection. It should break errors down to you for what is wrong and should get you somewhere but not lost at the end of the day.

I'm attaching the exact version of SQLBans that I'm using right now, that works like a charm for me at least. Before you replace yours with the attachment, make sure ya verify the questions above as sometimes, when humans get too tired of errors, they miss the most common and obvious fixes. If you have other plugins using the same exact SQL Database, try temporarily pausing them and just give your server a restart with just advanced_bans_sql and see how it behaves.

Hope some of the above helps ya out.

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