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Originally Posted by KrazyKat View Post
Is there a way to get the rank of a player in the entire server? For example #(Player Rank}/#{Total Number of Players} based on XP, like csstats does for kills?
There is via sub-plugins, but not directly via the plugin itself. Statistics are planned for a long-awaited future update.

Originally Posted by wizzkidon View Post
I can't understand why i lost all my exp. I reset my server to put only this plugin, and the probles persist.
I have activated on mysql, all setings worked okay, no errors on logs, 1.9 amx mod x. I have ~1,2 days the current level, after this he reseted.
It saved on the name, when player disconected.
Because you have more serious issues with your server or SQL connection, and not the plugin.
It's not possible to simply lose XP unless you have other problems. Nobody has ever reported such an issue before.
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