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Still the same, not changed. And also I made the language in Georgian (The Country), I've also tested it myself.

[ge] -- per4shK
CRXRANKS_RANKINFO_NORMAL = Shen gaqvs &x04%i/%i XP&x01. Sheni wodeba aris &x04#%i&x01: &x03%s&x01. Shemdegi wodeba: &x03%s&x01.
CRXRANKS_RANKINFO_FINAL = Shen gaqvs &x04%i XP&x01. Sheni wodeba aris &x04#%i&x01: &x03%s&x01. Shen gaqvs bolo wodeba!
CRXRANKS_GIVE_XP = &x03%s &x01misca &x03%s&x01's &x04%i XP.
CRXRANKS_TAKE_XP = &x03%s &x01waartva &x04%i XP &x03%s&x01'gan.
CRXRANKS_RESET_XP = &x03%s &x01gadatvirta &x03%s&x01's XP.
CRXRANKS_LEVEL_REACHED = &x03%s &x01miagwia &x04Level %i&x01'ze &x01[&x03%s&x01]
CRXRANKS_LEVEL_LOST = &x03%s &x01dabrunda &x04Level %i&x01'ze &x01[&x03%s&x01]
CRXRANKS_MENU_TITLE = \rOciXCrom'is \yWodebis Sistema: \rXP Listi
CRXRANKS_ITEM_FORMAT = \d[%i XP] \w%s \r[\yLevel %i: %s\r]
CRXRANKS_NOTIFY_KILL_GET = Shen miige &x04%i XP &x01motamashe &x03%s&x01's &x01mokvlistvis.
CRXRANKS_NOTIFY_KILL_LOSE = Shen waage &x04%i XP &x01motamashe &x03%s&x01's &x01mokvlistvis.
CRXRANKS_NOTIFY_SUICIDE_GET = Shen miige &x04%i XP &x01shentavis &x03mokvlistvis&x01.
CRXRANKS_NOTIFY_SUICIDE_LOSE = Shen waage &x04%i XP &x01shentavis &x03mokvlistvis&x01.
CRXRANKS_NOTIFY_DEATH_GET = Shen miige &x04%i XP &x01sikvdilistvis.
CRXRANKS_NOTIFY_DEATH_LOSE = Shen waage &x04%i XP &x01sikvdilistvis.
CRXRANKS_MYSQL_FAILED = MySQL ver chairto. Plagini gamoiyenebs nVault's mis nacvlad.
CRXRANKS_HUDINFO_UNAVAILABLE = HUD informacia &x07gaitisha &x04mier Adminisgan&x01.
CRXRANKS_HUDINFO_ENABLED = HUD informacia &x06Chairto&x01.
CRXRANKS_HUDINFO_DISABLED = HUD informacia &x07Gaitisha&x01.

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