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Originally Posted by Siska1 View Post
I tried everything, but with this plugin it is absolutely impossible to vote for a map from the same mod, as every rtv and every other plugin works. You absolutely always vote for something else, but not for the next map from the same mod. Unfortunately, I also haven't found anyone who can make it work like the other two multi mods.
So, if you like the other multi-mod plugins then why not just use one of them? What is the reason you are considering Polymorph?

Originally Posted by Siska1 View Post
Thus, the mod is completely unusable and the plugin meaningless.
That statement is condescending and broadly untrue. It works as it was intended. I'm willing to consider making changes that make sense for the plugin's functionality but so far, you're request have not made any sense to me.

At one point, I thought you simply wanted regular players to have access to the amx_nextmod amx_modvote commands which you can easily do by changing the command access in cmdaccess.ini.

Originally Posted by Siska1 View Post
People have been asking me why I can't choose my maps. What is the point of this? There should be two separate commands - one "rtv" for maps and the other "/mode" for the mods themselves separately. If someone can do this someday I will be glad...
"mod" and "mode" are two very different things. The "mode" is set via the "poly_mode" cvar. Which one are you talking about? What is this "/mode" thing you are talking about? What does it do?

Are you trying to ask for an RTV for the map vote AND another RTV for the mod vote?

Have you tried using poly_mode 2 with the "mapspermod" set to 1? This will let you vote for both the mod and the map on every map. If you use RTV, it will trigger both votes.
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