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Originally Posted by AeroAcrobat View Post
  • I'm worried about that someone "cracks" an pw from an admin therefore I've already made admin names hidden. Also so no one will shitstrom an admin.
  • It's easier to use the steam login and more safe (steam guard)
  • Admins don't have to remember more pw's & login names.
Thats what I basicly have in mind. If steam provides this feature, why not use it ?
We use it in out forum as login and it's very comfortable.

I'd really love to see that as an option

Everything looks so clean now. Good job! I like it very much

Here is the flaw in allowing steam login to sourcebans.

ANYONE can log into your SourceBans web site using Steam Login.

Now there are a few things that can be done in place.

1: Add the person's steam ID and their access anyway, but don't allow them admin access until they log into the web site.
2: Allow sourcebans a public registration system, but only give access to the people you pick and choose.
3: htaccess password protected location that you give password to only admins, then they Steam ID log in and then again, you STILL have to enter the access of the person.

Either way you are still doing MANUAL entry.

The 3rd point of this is, that's a potentially huge users database of people that you may not even want IN the users database.

I really don't see how this is a more efficient way of adding administrators, I think it just adds clutter.
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