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Originally Posted by DJ Tsunami View Post
It's been asked before, but I'm not sure for what specifically you would need to register using Steam? Admins need to be added by other admins first, so you're already registered. Everything else is public to everyone.
  • I'm worried about that someone "cracks" an pw from an admin therefore I've already made admin names hidden. Also so no one will shitstrom an admin.
  • It's easier to use the steam login and more safe (steam guard)
  • Admins don't have to remember more pw's & login names.
Thats what I basicly have in mind. If steam provides this feature, why not use it ?
We use it in out forum as login and it's very comfortable.

I'd really love to see that as an option

Originally Posted by Rytis View Post
Heh, looks pretty nice!
Everything looks so clean now. Good job! I like it very much

Originally Posted by Smarmy View Post
I'm not sure it's only about registering with Steam. I think being able to add an admin by his SteamID and not having to worry about passwords would be nice. Then they just log in to SourceBans with Steam. No fuss.
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