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ProxyKiller has just got a major version!
This means ProxyKiller can now do a whole lot more!

Starting today, ProxyKiller version 2.0.0 and forward are supported, any 1.x.x version is now considered deprecated.

Key points of the release:
  • SQLite persistence layer is now here!
  • Whitelisting is now here! You can do this by steamid or ip
  • Parsing status code and plaintext responses is now supported
  • Parsing JSON bools/integers/floats from the response is now supported
  • HEAD/POST/PUT/DELETE/OPTIONS/PATCH request methods are now available to configs
  • The configuration file has leveled up to a whole new level, see the wiki to learn about how!

If whitelisting is your thing, please see commands wiki page to learn how to use it.
For all of the changes, please see the pull request here:

WARNING!! Your existing ProxyKiller (v1) config is not compatible with this version!
  • To resolve this, migrate your config to the v2 format, for examples of the new config see the wiki

WARNING!! Your existing database for ProxyKiller (v1) is not compatible with this version!
  • To resolve this, run the command and reload the plugin once you've updated to 2.0.0
    sm_proxykiller_apply_migration cache_mysql_1_1_0_to_2_0_0

As always, suggestions and contributions are welcome!
Incase of any issues or suggestions, please report them here

Thats it for now!
Psst.. incase you wanna buy me a coffee, the readme has a donation link
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