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Yes, I know of those and I meant to warn you about them... But I forgot. :<

Basically it's caused by having too many annotations in the map at once, I do have 2 simple fixes for it: 1) don't send annotations when no one can see them 2)Only process 5 annotations every second, spreading the load. Both of these are in use on one of the plugins I don't have released here, I'll itergrate them into these plugins sometime tomorrow, till then, keep it below 10 annotations per map.

EDIT: I'll try do it quickly now

EDIT 2: Applied the changes, changelog is in OP.

Originally Posted by MrSaturn View Post
Any chance you can add the ability to attach annotations to players?
This isn't a job for this plugin, but could be quite easily achieved using the general structure of the plugin.

I will get around to the other changes suggested when I have some time, which will probably be sometime inbetween now and Friday.

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