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I need to find a name for the gunstore door other than "GasNozzle". Any idea on what it might be for this map in particular?

Context: I was trying to make another adaption of the ScavengeBots plugin to get a bot to deliver the one "weapon_cola_bottles" to the door in Dead Center, Streets. However, I was unsuccessful as I noticed some weird behavior (the one bot moving for the cola never picking it up while the other two bots doing literally nothing.). I gave up on the idea until just earlier when I was playing the Left 4 Bowl campaign. There were leftover gascans to secure in the finale, so I decided to get the extra cans just for the hell of it. The nozzle dissappeared when the escape was available, but I could still get gascans. When I got one of the other gascans, my scavengebotds plugin kicked in and did the exact weird behavior for one of the other bots. So that tells me at that instant that I would need an alternative for the GasNozzle origin for that adaption for look for in order for the bots to deliver the cola Whitaker. But I don't know what exactly that it is.

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