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This is the only place in the source code where the error message shows up:

This error message will display when the `modelprecache` string table has no more room for the new entry. Since you said you clear the model cache on map change it seems like it would be an error in a plugin that gets stuck in some kind of loop and calls the precache function on a lot of unique model path strings. The main thing you are going to want to do to figure out which plugin (or if it's something else like a map) is to identify what these string entries are when they've been added.

The best way to do this is to hook this function:
PHP Code:
virtual int PrecacheModel( const char *sbool preload /*= false*/ 
and log the first argument to a text file. The text file would increment + 1 number each time the plugin is reloaded. This way when the server crashes you can always find the latest entries that lead to the crash and look for anomalies.


I adapted a plugin Franc1sco made to do exactly that. You will need the dhooks with detour support extension:

Logs are stored in your sourcemod\logs\ folder under the `precached_%d.log`.
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