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Last night (this morning) I was tired and turns out I was thinking about thing 1 shift off. Therefore, I was wrong about the CSW_P228 part.

Also, "1<<CSW_VESTHELM" is not really valid because it tries to set the 33rd bit but there are only 32 bits in a cell in AMX Mod X. Therefore, 1<<CSW_VESTHELM is 0 and doesn't do anything for this bitsum. So, your original correction was wrong but this latest version is correct.

Originally Posted by Natsheh View Post
I'm currently struggling with understanding why these bit sums are defined at all, I don't see where they would be useful. In fact, I think they are misleading and should probably be removed entirely. If someone was to need something like this, they should use a switch.

Regardless, this discussion should be occurring in a GitHub issue, not here. Please create an issue on GitHub.
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