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I am no longer able to maintain this plugin

I am sorry to any of you who asked about this plugin for help and support. I have not been able to or had the time nor the desire to maintain this plugin.

To me, this is part of my past.
A past I am not coming back to.

But I know a lot of people on the TFC servers have used this plugin, in it's original version or the edited ones. So it has been much alive and used and enjoyed.

I will ask around in the skills community if anyone I trust would be willing to maintain this plugin here on the forum. But if anyone here want's to maintain this plugin you are more than welcome to PM me and we can talk about it. There might even be some old unreleased goodies for the right person
(As long as it will be publically released.)

The thread will be kept open for a while.
If noone steps up and wants to maintain this I will ask for it to be locked. But there is no hurry.

Again! I am really sorry if you spent youre precious time to come here and post and was met by silence.

/Lt Llama
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