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Originally Posted by willy1234x1 View Post
It's pretty good but the Help menu plugin does this and more all with the command !helpmenu. Yours could easily be edited to say what plugins are running etc.
Thanks, however this was written to serve specific needs and purposes. I started writing this before helpmenu was released. HelpMenu does not automatically show the rules to the user on connect (based on looking at the plugin), nor does it require them to agree or disagree to the rules. Additionally an admin cannot show a user the rules forcefully using a command.

The previous menu based rules plugin has not had an update since September of 07 I believe and there were features that I and a few others wanted to see.

About showing the plugins, I've considered coming up with something that would indeed show connecting users the "mods" or features that are enabled on the server, however I couldn't come up with a solid way of displaying that information to the user in a useful way. Many plugin names are not terribly descriptive, or what you'd want to display to a user.

I'll be working on a solid warm-up round timer next to replace the one which is broken/buggy.
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