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Originally Posted by Boris
I tested it, some of the commands worked but the admin_menu didnt work. So I cant do a mapvote without the command becose its not on the list in the readme. Btw I tried finding out what command u used for mapvoting, I didnt get a invalid command message when I used admin_mapvote "sf_nobridge_v03" but it didnt do anything else either... So maybe the menus dont work for hl2dm, its mods, or something else is wrong.
looking more at the problem it turns out that hl2mp dont support those menus, i need to add supprt for other menus aswell. This is gonna take longer then i exected. It could work with other hl2 mods, depending on if they support the ShowMenu message.
Other then that there is no console command yet to start the mapvote, but the mapvote is menu based so its not gonna work on hl2mp yet.
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