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Originally Posted by k007 View Post
for the first time i have to say that xanimos was eith drunk or smoking something when he approved this cuz of the following:
1. only the user who had the menu up will die if he choose the wrong wire or w\e
2. when it explodes it doesn't have any kinda of damage kind of #1
3. nothing is being moved after the explosion, like entites around the the explosion like boxes(i request u use find_ent_in_sphere function)
4. end fo now
I think you need to watch who you talk about. I was not intoxicated in any way. Leave your assumtions out of it. I'm not going to go back on this. It kills the guy for choosing the wrong wire, yes it would be a good feature to have it act like the real bomb and I'm sure he will add in these features.

Just watch what you say to people. This rudeness is not tolerated long.
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