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Originally Posted by notyouraverage View Post
done. have fun
Hi bro, the plugin is working successfully. but I realized there was a problem like this. Once a player was afk he would normally give a countdown message, no longer show him. can you solve this problem too?

PHP Code:
                        if (!IsRoot(client))
PrintToChat(client"\x04[\x05AFK Manager\x04]\x01 You can spectate for \x04%d\x01 more seconds before you will be kicked."RoundToFloor(maxAfkKickTime specTime[client]));
lastMessage[client] = GetClientTime(client);
                    if (
GetClientTime(client) - lastMessage[client] >= joinTeamInterval
                        if (!
PrintToChat(client"\x04[\x05AFK Manager\x04]\x01 Say \x05!join\x01 to join game.");
lastMessage[client] = GetClientTime(client);
Also, can you prevent Survivor Da dead players from passing the spectator team by typing !Idle? Finally, I noticed one thing that a lot of players go to the spectator team using the command !idle in order not to die. Can you add a countdown to prevent this? After 15 seconds, he can make it to the audience team. Can you print it as a printhinttext?

like this
PHP Code:
PrinHinttext("After x seconds you will be afk"

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