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1.You have some indentation problems, please fix them.
2.Recheck point 1 from previous list, please use register_touch.
3.I think you should not limit rain removal only to de_aztec. Maybe there are more maps that use env_rain, so you should remove map check and search for env_rain(find_ent_by_class), if you find one remove it and print the message.
4.szFile[80] I am not sure if 80 is enough, configs dir path can be easely changed from core.ini, you could put more(something like 256, IIRC this is the max dimension of a path).
5.In forward_TouchGift checking both IS_PLAYER and is_user_alive is not needed. Keep only is_user_alive, because the native already check what you were doing with IS_PLAYER.
6.In forward_FM_PlaybackEvent do not make vars in a loop, declare them before.

Well, only this.

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