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Updated to v1.3:

. Added /surrender command.
. Fixed all bugs on mute code.
. Added 'rtv' command for players be able to start a votemap.
. Fixed some bugs with the jointeam with the match in-live.
. Fixed wrong Match Point team info.
. Fixed ML_NOTFOUND on overtime vote.
. Added randomize teams feature.
. Added a new way to show teammates' money.
. Added the possibility to the players nominate their maps.
. Added 'pug_votemap' comand to start the votemap and changed amx_setplacar to pug_setplacar.
. Added some command info messages.
. Fixed the index out of bounds log in all votes.
. Fixed the execConfig stock.
. Changed pug scoreboard position (it's now a little bit higher).
. Changed the delay time in some set_tasks().

. Cvars added/edited:

pugeffx_show_money - Show teammate's money on freezetime (0 = OFF, 1 = hud message, 2 = sprite over player's head)
pugeffx_max_surrender_votes - Max time that teams can open surrender vote.
pugeffx_surrender_vote_delay - Surrender vote delay (in seconds)
pugeffx_randomize_vote - Randomize teams vote
pugeffx_miado_countdown - Countdown time when the pug needs players.
kkkk, me da mais ideias ae otário.

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