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Old 01-17-2012 , 21:10   Help getting started with a CSS SourceTV plugin
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Hi guys, so I'm working on a SourceTV project for my masters degree at school that will add some features and enhancements to it and since counter strike source has such a good bot system in place that allows me to test the additions I make without needing live testers I opted to go with that.

Consequently without having access to the source code I came across metamod and have been reading the tutorials and documentation on getting started. One problem I seem to be having however is I want to test either the sample or stub example projects that are included in the source code but upon trying to launch my dedicated server with the compiled dlls as a new plugin the server will either crash (stub) or throw a bunch of errors about missing shutdown functions (sample) and then close.

Is there any documentation or advice you guys can give so I can get a base case established for my project? I already have visual studio set up and the examples compile correctly. Thanks alot!

EDIT: oh and before anyone asks, I have tried setting the output to HL2SDKOB and HL2SDKOBVALVE with no success.

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