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Old 06-05-2016 , 11:33   SourceMod 1.8 Now Stable

The SourceMod 1.8 branch has now been declared the new stable branch. We will however still provide gamedata updates to the 1.7 branch for at least the near future.

Below is a list of what's new in the 1.8 branch since the last Development Roundup post. Check that out if you haven't yet as the below list is just an addendum.

As always, we'd like to thank the community members that have aided the SourceMod development team by contributing changes this period, including VoiDeD, Powerlord, Peace-Maker, GoD-Tony, FlaminSarge, Tsunami, stickz, splewis, pheadxdll, Benoist3012, 02m, TheCreeper, iNilo, galeksandrp, and Kailo

  • Updated GetMapDisplayName to to match game on Windows. (Uses backslashes)
  • Fixed some crashes in the new File Transfer hooks.
  • Fixed funcommands attempting to use some non-existant sounds on CS:GO.
  • Fixed crash on failing to load dependent extensions.
  • Fixed long-standing crash with late or incorrect calls to TR_GetEntityIndex.
  • Fixed incorrect extension name being printed when dependent extension is unloaded.
  • Fixed potential crash on plugin load when a required library is not found.
  • Fixed potential crash or other side effects with GameRules_Set* natives.
  • Fixed compile errors with plugins that used old NormalS[ound]Hook prototype.
  • Fixed all varint sendprops being treated improperly in CS:GO and gamerules sendprops in Black Mesa.
  • Fixed SourceTV bot detection on Source SDK 2013 mods and Black Mesa.
  • Fixed function symbols for static libraries being exported. (On Linux, this caused conflicts with other modules that use libprotobuf).
  • Fixed potential issues on Linux when running on a filesystem that uses 64-bit inodes (such as XFS).

  • Added FireToClient to Event methodmap, for sending events just to a specific client.
  • Added ability for plugins to block entity outputs from firing.
  • Added GetServerAuthId and GetServerSteamAccountId natives.
  • Added CanBeAutobalanced hook type in SDKHooks for games that use the SDK implementation (TF2, FoF).
  • Added new HasEntProp function to easily check an entity for the existence of a property.

  • Clarifed documentation for GetMaxEntities, GetEntityCount, IsValidEntity, and IsEntNetworkable.
  • GameRules_Set* natives now network changes by default, similar to SetEntProp* natives.
  • Returning Plugin_Changed in event hooks now behaves like Plugin_Continue rather than Plugin_Handled.
  • Added warning print when gamedata is loaded from the "custom" folder to make issues easier to diagnose.
  • Converted all SourceMod includes and more base plugins to use the Sourcepawn Transitional Syntax.
  • FindSendPropOffs and FindDataMapOffs have now been deprecated in favor of FindSendPropInfo and FindDataMapInfo.
  • Removed support for compiling SourceMod against old Source 1 Dota 2 SDK.

The Stable Builds download page now points to 1.8 builds, although 1.7 ones are still available and linked there. The Dev Builds page now points to the brand new 1.9 branch.

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