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Old 03-21-2021 , 10:29   [CS:GO] Knife not working in Deathmatch
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I have made a cfg, that switches gamemode and executes the corresponding gamemode cfg. The problem is that when I switch from competitive mode, to my deathmatch cfg (that tells it to run the new game mode and execute gamemode_deathmatch.cfg) I cannot select a knife.

This is even though we have set the following in our CFG.
mp_ct_default_melee									weapon_knife
mp_ct_default_secondary								weapon_hkp2000
mp_ct_default_primary								""
mp_t_default_melee									weapon_knife
mp_t_default_secondary								weapon_glock
We are running the !ws and !gloves plugin as well, but we tried turn those off, and that was not the problem.

Anyone know's how to solve this, or are we in need of installing a DM plugin we can switch on and off? We already have this regarding retakes, but we just wanted it to be simple for some fun use here and then.

Thank you in advance!
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