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Old 07-23-2018 , 23:51   Realistic Bullet: Real-Life Bullet physics to CS - FINAL VERSION
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Release: 07/23/2018
Last Update: 02/24/2022

- Description
- This plugin is an attempt to re-create the real-life bullet physics for the Counter Strike 1.6. Follow the list of features:

1. Bullet crack when the bullet is supersonic
2. Bullet whizz when the bullet is subsonic.
3. Bullet drop when too far away from the end point of the bullet (bullet losing power and going down due gravity and air resistance).
4. Bullet penetrations. The bullet continues to penetrate entities until it loses enough power to not being able to penetrate anymore.
5. Bullet ricochet depending of the hit angle (controlled via .ini file).
6. Bullet bounce when it's velocity is too low.
7. Bullet rotation after every bounce, ricochet or penetrations.
8. Bullet view camera, so players can see where the bullet is going to.
9. Bullet sounds including bounce sound, hit sound depending of the texture or when ricocheting.
10. Bot support.
11. Equations to deal with damage, including distance, velocity, hit part of the body (obvious), ricochets and penetrations. The equation also support TK's.
12. Has a lot of bullet effects (use rbullet_trail_type to change).
13. Water physics.
14. Uses calculations to model an 'air resistance'.
15. Ability to change velocity, ricochet angle, bullet base damage, gravity or power of penetration using the .ini file.

- Cvars
rbullet_shotgunburst - How many bullets will be created in shotguns.
rbullet_trail - Bullet trail
rbullet_trail_color - Bullet trail color
rbullet_trail_color_intensity - Bullet trail color intensity
rbullet_trail_type - Bullet trail type
rbullet_trail_life - Bullet trail life
rbullet_ffa - FFA Mode (kill teammates)
rbullet_bullet_camera - Bullet's camera view when traveling
rbullet_allow_tradekills - Trade kill
rbullet_allow_penetration - Manages bullet penetration
rbullet_allow_ricochet - Manages bullet ricochet
rbullet_show_default_path - Displays the default path compared to the physics added
rbullet_default_trail_color - Beam color of the default path

Gameplay Images

- Gameplay Videos (old versions)

- Impact sounds, ricochet, bullet whizz and bullet crack due
supersonic speed and bullet's camera view demonstrations:

- More details about impact sounds, bullet crack and whizz from
players far away from you.

- All damage checks avaliable

- Credits
Ricochet plugin, found here -
Wall thickness code to calculate the penetration -

- Change log
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