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Originally Posted by KliPPy View Post
However, I've found a few bugs today.
It doesn't want to detect functions (or just natives?) that return a tagged value. For example, the following line of code isn't detected by the parser and isn't added to the function list for autocompletion.
native WSResponse: WS_CreateBinaryResponse(const content[] = "", length = 0);
However, it strangely works for the stuff that's already in AMXX, like Tries and Arrays. Can you please look into that?
the space after tag it breaking the parse (fix this for the next update)
there are many things that are valid for the compiler, you never imagine to be used :\

Originally Posted by KliPPy View Post
Also, functions that retrieve a parameter by reference have the "Params:" field in a pop-up broken. Like menu_item_getinfo() for example. It stops parsing right at the ampersand symbol.
forget encode special html characters on popup

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