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Originally Posted by klausenbusk View Post
Where can i find the dev branch?

I will make sure to sync the current code this weekend.

Originally Posted by GoldTreeServers View Post
Perl vs python speed and RAM usage?
So, if you are talking about speed as far as load time or are you talking about time from when the log is written to database?

Load time is higher the first time for python (do to it being complied to bytecode on first run) though that will not be noticed due to the first time you load the daemon you are going to be setting it up anyways.

As far as delay between action in game to database, that is dependent on to many things for me to give you hard numbers. To give you an idea, between action in game and the log output is done around every 66 tic from what I have seen. So between that log and database is unknow ATM due to that part not being written. I know that python's regex is slower to perls but here is a detailed writeup that will give you a better idea ( We are doing the pre compiled regex

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