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It's time for a new standalone zones manager plugin with more and better features compared to the exists ones.
Originally Drixevel wrote this plugin, but he's is no longer interested in this so he allowed me to takeover this project. I fixed a few bugs, added new features and completed not fully added stuff. The result is this version, still not perfect and definitely not done and todo is long - But I think it's stable enough for this release. It will handled per menu and a few commands, so pretty easy to handle. One feature is "zone effects" for 3rd-party-plugins, you can add zone effects with multiple keys per effect to work with this in other plugins.
One scenario is for timer plugins: You can add the effect "Timer" and change the values (Start, End, Stage, Checkpoint, ...) to identify the zone which one is it. The integration is not perfect and will be updated in future updates. A "unique" feature is the option to create circle and polygons zones.

  • sm_zone - Edit a certain zone that you're standing in.
  • sm_editzone - Edit a certain zone that you're standing in.
  • sm_editzonemenu - Edit a certain zone that you're standing in.
  • sm_zones - Display the zones manager menu.
  • sm_zonesmenu - Display the zones manager menu.
  • sm_teleporttozone - Teleport to a specific zone by name or by menu.
  • sm_regeneratezones - Regenerate all zones on the map.
  • sm_deleteallzones - Delete all zones on the map.
  • sm_reloadeffects - Reload all effects data and their callbacks.
  • sm_setprecision - Set your precision value

  • fuckZones_precision_offset, Default: 10.0, Default precision value when setting a zones precision area
  • fuckZones_regenerate_spam, Default: 10, Amount of time before zones can be regenerated again (spam protection) (0 to disable this feature)
  • fuckZones_default_height, Default: 256, Default height (z-axis) for circles and polygons zones
  • fuckZones_default_radius, Default: 150, Default radius for circle Zones
  • fuckZones_default_z_offset, Default: 5, Adds a offset to the z-axis for all points
  • fuckZones_default_color, Default: Pink, Default zone color
  • fuckZones_default_display, Default: 1, Default zone display (0 - Full, 1 - Bottom, 2 - Hide)
  • fuckZones_enable_logging, Default: 1, Enable logging
  • fuckZones_max_radius, Default: 512, Set's the maximum radius value for circle zones
  • fuckZones_max_height, Default: 512, Set's the maximum height value for circle/poly zones
  • fuckZones_name_regex, Default: "^[a-zA-Z0-9 _]+$", Allowed characters in zone name

Tested Games:
  • CS:GO
  • TF2

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