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Old 08-30-2020 , 02:37   I need orientation on boss coding when it comes to arguements.
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Greetings community. I'm new in this place in hope for some valuable help.

Along with a friend, we've set up a FF2 server, and we've started on coding bosses and such.

I've gone through the GitHub section of FF2, and I've got most of it so far.

My main problem is that, the arg sections are one thing I do not understand correctly.

I've looked through some cfgs before coming here, but most of them does not explain what they do.

What do args do in the cfg and what does the number represent for it?

I've borrowed this from Seeldier, cause I want minion soldiers to spawn with a shotgun and a custom model:

		"name"			"rage_cloneattack"
		"arg1"			"1"
		"arg2"			"1"
		"arg3"	      	"modelpathgoes here"
		"arg4"			"3"
		"arg5"			"0.0"
		"arg6"			"tf_weapon_shotgun"
		"arg7"			"199"
		"arg8"			"1 ; -1"
			//68: -1x cap rate
		"arg9"			"0"
		"arg10"			"0"
		"arg11"			"150"
		"arg12"			"0"
		"plugin_name"	"ff2_1st_set_abilities"
But like I said, I do not understand the args and what the numbers mean.
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