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Hi. I have This code. This code detects the sentences I want in the chat and does something. But the problem is that if there is a space in a sentence, the code can not recognize it. This code only recognizes words and is not able to recognize sentences. This is my first problem. The second problem is that this code only recognizes words sent by users. I want, for example, if the server also sends words in the chat, the code can recognize it. Is this possible? Thanks.
Code :
PHP Code:
public ChatGlobalCommand(id)
lastsaid[512], said[512]
for(new 0sizeof BAD_WORDSi++)
replace_all(saidcharsmax(said), BAD_WORDS[i], "***")    
formatex(lastsaidcharsmax(lastsaid), "%s"said)
client_cmd(id"say %s"said)

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