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Originally Posted by RumbleFrog View Post
Moving away from PHP

We are looking to move away from the PHP stack to potentially Rust/Golang/Nodejs. However, due to a good majority of the population base using shared hosting, which is limited to PHP, we are not confident that this is a feasible transition for many.
Even voting No. Continue using the PHP stack. I found this idea interesting and even surprised to see that many shared hosts still let you use SourceBans++, better not to use it.

I myself had many problems with shared hosting, connection limits, limits of everything that is kind of thing, whenever I contacted the host I was informed that the solution would be to migrate to a VPS / Dedicated to have exclusive resources and change my like, since these changes in shared hosting would be a security risk for all users of that same hosting.

I believe that for those who have their own VPS and such removing this PHP would be more than welcome.
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