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I have some suggestions.

First suggestions are for the improvement of the WEB:
- Add a ban appeal panel, how the host providers have their ticket system, like if someone wants to do a ban appeal than it shows up in the admin panel, and the admins could reply their thoughts about the cheater (or not cheater in rare cases), and the Founder of the server or who will decide if there's gonna be unban or not, can respond with a text, can check and lock the "ticket", and the guy who asked for unban, to receive an email with the response.
- Add the ability to make more complex web admin groups in a way that if you have 5 servers, all the servers are in your community, but 3 of those servers are managed by other peoples, that we can set from the web panel their web permissions to a specific server, that means if I set to my friend to be able to edit/add/remove/manage everything related to a specific server but he could not remove bans what were made on my server, cannot manage admin groups from my server... and any of these.
- Add a little Admin Panel part for the command !report (More details at the Plugin sided below)

Plugin sided:
- So for the sbpp_comms I have the next idea, how you added to the !ban command that if you do not write the reason, that opens up the menu with the reasons to select it, it would be great to do this with the `Comms, !gag !mute !silence`, so in this way, we can have reasons for everything, and the sbpp_discord not gonna return HTTP Error and don't show the message on discord, because there is no reason... Also, add the ability to force the reason for every Command inside the config, `!ban !gag !mute !silence`, like if an admin wants to put their custom reasons, to doesn't let them, even if they try to put a custom reason, the menu with the reasons pops up and they are forced to choose a reason from the menu of reasons that I've set inside the config.
- It would be nice if, for the !report, you could add a database, and that report to store somewhere on the WEB and the admins could see that report, I know it was easier to do it with the discord, but not every admin gonna use the discord... so there is a way that I can tell my admins that they need to use and check the panel, also if there is a new report, to be a notification about the new report, through email or any other way.

If I will have any suggestions over time, I will post them here by editing this post.
Kind Regards - Zayon
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