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Originally Posted by RumbleFrog View Post
We are also considering a potential rename of the project after the rewrite.

The name "SourceBans" sounds inclusive to only the core ban features, yet we consider admin management and reports as essentials as well.
I feel that the ++ can have a lot of different meanings, and the extensive - but still core - feature set could be represented in this.

Originally Posted by RumbleFrog View Post
So a rename is also another thing to consider. But, I'm not certain how the SEO would work out.
I can definitely say from experience that organic traffic is king, if we can get the word out there, and make people aware, then that will fix itself. To be honest though, I feel like the name won't matter to most, so long as they know how/where to find us. Of course in all of this, you can redirect the domain name(s)?
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